Course Objectives

• Facilitate the integration of foreigners to Brazil’s everyday life, allowing them to communicate in Portuguese in a short period of time, with a good reading and listening comprehension

• Enable an easier adaptation and a more pleasant coexistence at the student’s working environment with the use of vocabulary that is appropriate to their area of expertise and daily activity.

• Help the student understand the Brazilian reality, its historical development, economics, social and cultural values, its reasons and emotions as well as the characteristics of the way the language is spoken in each region.

Our proposed work is to offer

• personalized lessons, geared to the needs and interests of each student;

• classes can be offered in company, at the student’s residence or in our own space;

• modern and appropriate teaching materials to meet the needs of each student;

• interactive lessons that allow students to communicate in a short period of time;

• aid and logistical support in the process of adaptation and accommodation to the country;